Providing Therapy Services in Torrance, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Work With Me

individuals, couples, and families

Finding the right therapist is essential to the healing process.

I offer a consultation to see if we are the right fit for each other. You can schedule the confidential consultation by phone, e-mail, or submit a request from the contact form.

Many clients are ready to begin therapy by the time they place that first difficult call. The type of therapy you need will depend on your situation.  I offer Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, or a combination of two. If I feel I can help you, we’ll schedule our first therapy session after the initial consultation.

During the first therapy session, we’ll begin to create a foundation. I’ll get to know you, explore the nature of your problems and concerns, and start to see your struggle through your lens. This information will help me assess the problem and guide the development of an appropriate treatment plan.

I know you are looking for answers right now, but the motivation for seeking therapy is as unique and diverse as the individuals who seek it. My approach to helping you through your struggle will be uniquely personal.

I hope you take that important first step and you reach out to me for help.