In-Person Therapy

In-person therapy is available at my office in Torrance, California. My in-office therapy location is convenient and easy to reach from all areas of Torrance as well as nearby Palos Verdes, Rancho Palos Verdes, San Pedro, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach.

My in-person office in Torrance, CA is on the 3rd floor of 2790 Skypark Drive which is a white, three-story building on the south side of the street. There is ample parking. The front of the building has a water feature. Access to the 3rd floor is available either by elevator (located behind the water feature) or by stairs (located to the right of the water feature). Suite 307, where my office is located, is anchored by a waiting room. Upon entering the suite, there is a panel of four lights located on the left side. Each light represents an in-person therapist and is lit to signal arrival. After the session is done, clients are shown to the exit (which is separate from the entrance).

Typically, I work with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and relationship problems, as well as providing treatment for couples and families.

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Anxiety Treatment in Torrance, CA

Most of us experience a manageable level of anxiety. However, when anxiety links to self-doubt and it leads to feelings of loneliness, fear, and insolation, it is time to get help. As a psychodynamic therapist who focuses on emotional resolution, I work hand-in-hand with patients, guiding individuals through a healing process. This involves exploring how thoughts about self connect to feelings, especially those that relate to anxiety. The goal of anxiety treatment in Torrance, CA is to shrink anxiety by dispelling false beliefs and growing the parts of oneself that are true. I work with people who are experiencing general anxiety, social anxiety, separation anxiety, and performance anxiety.

Depression Treatment in Torrance, CA

Depression can either be a lifelong struggle. It can be a reoccurring struggle or a struggle that is started by life circumstances. Often depression stands in the way of feeling and expressing the authentic self. Depression symptoms typically involve difficulty concentrating, a change in appetite, feeling bad, and/or dealing with overwhelm. A lack of energy can make it difficult to get out of bed. Sometimes, the perception of helplessness or hopelessness can lead to thoughts of death. Whether many of these symptoms or a few symptoms persist, there is hope, in depression treatment in Torrance, CA.

The goal of in-office therapy for depression in Torrance, CA is to experience a shift: from hopelessness to hopefulness, from uncomfortable to comfortable, and from dissatisfaction to satisfaction. Psychodynamic treatment involves attunement, uncovering and sharing thoughts, and focusing and expanding on feelings. Loss, self-worth, and, when appropriate, critical messages from the past that persist in the present are explored. Ultimately, the goal is to heal the parts of the self that hurt or are untrue. This leaves room for the authentic self to grow and flourish.

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Relationship Therapy for Individuals in Torrance, CA

Individual relationship therapy works towards internal resolution– attaining resolve within oneself. Individual relationship counseling involves honing in on how your thoughts and feelings inform what you say and do. In-office therapy in Torrance, CA focuses on gaining a better understanding of yourself by exploring how you see yourself and your relationships. This also includes what you think and feel about yourself, and what you think and feel about others. Exploring each of these facets can lead to insight and internal resolution.

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy in Torrance, CA

Marriage counseling and couples therapy can help relationships heal and thrive. The goal of couples therapy is to create a path towards connection and safety. Each partner is able to reach towards the other to share, voice their concerns, listen, and be understood.

A resolution begins by recognizing that neither partner is to blame for the struggle. Instead, the relationship is stuck in a pattern that blocks each partner from being present for the other in a way that they embody respect, validation, and care.

Happy couple smiling. If you’re ready for support with in-person therapy in Torrance, CA. We offer anxiety treatment, couples therapy, online therapy, depression treatment and more. Call now! individual therapy near me or in-person counseling near me today!
Family smiling at each other. Dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship, and more is complicated. That is why I offer online therapy in california and in-person therapy in Torrance, CA. Get started today! individual therapy near me or in-person counseling near me today!

Family Therapy in Torrance, CA

Every family faces challenges. These challenges begin with stress, disrespect, or betrayal. When the challenges become unresolvable, they frequently turn into problems or disagreements. Family therapy and therapy for blended families is a place for all voices to be heard, honored, and understood. The uniqueness of the family shapes the way that the therapy unfolds. For families where conflict is between two members, therapy begins with the pair that is struggling. When the conflict extends to the entire family, therapy for families begins with all members. As family therapy progresses, we take time out to have sessions with individual relationships. Therefore, in-office therapy in Torrance, CA provides an opportunity to sort through conflict that is we experience between two specific family members.

Online Therapy in Torrance, CA and Statewide in California

In addition to offering these services in person, I also offer them through online video. I use Doxy. me which is a safe, secure HIPAA compliant connection. This allows me to serve clientele throughout the state of California. So, if you are unable to get to my office, consider online therapy in Torrance, CA, or online therapy in California.

Begin In-Person Therapy in Torrance, CA, California and Surrounding Areas

If you’re seeking in-person therapy in Torrance, CA for relationships, anxiety, families, and couples, then you have found the right place. Getting mental health support matters whether it’s in-person or via online therapy in California. If you’re ready to find that relief you have been seeking, then contact Dr. Carol Piccirillo, your in-person therapist in Torrance, CA. To get started working together, follow these steps:

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