Relationship Therapy for Individuals

Mixed female couple sitting on couch in argument. Dealing with emotional distress in a relationship isn‘t help. Often you may want couples therapy or marriage counseling, but the other partner won’t agree. Get support in relationship therapy in Torrance, CA and surrounding areas today!

Are you suffering from a painful relationship?

Whether it is with a family member, a friend, or a partner–you may find yourself disagreeing and, perhaps, constantly arguing with each other. You see things one way, the person you disagree with has an entirely different viewpoint. Thus, attempts to communicate and keep the conversation calm and civil, fail. Often, a simple disagreement escalates into a full-blown argument. You do not feel understood. The person with whom you disagree is likely frustrated.

Usually, the argument ends with one or both of you walking (or even running) away. This may leave you feeling misunderstood and hurt, or alone, or angry, or frustrated. Maybe you’ll simultaneously experience all of these emotions. Sometimes the distance is temporary—a cooling-off period–other times the relationship is permanently lost. Whether it is permanent or temporary, the solution does not come easily, if it happens at all.

Individual relationship counseling can help

Individual relationship therapy in Torrance, CA can help you work towards internal resolutions–understanding how you operate in relationships.  Individual relationship counseling involves honing in on how your thoughts and feelings inform what you say and do. Treatment focuses on gaining a better understanding of yourself by exploring how you see yourself and others. This may include addressing what you think and feel about yourself. Or, what you think and feel about others. Exploring each of these aspects can lead to insight, clarity, and change.

Dr. Carol’s approach to helping individuals who struggle with relationships

Disagreements, arguments, and conflict typically follow a pattern. Therefore, in order to identify and understand the pattern, treatment involves exploration from multiple dimensions. This helps to shine a new light on the issue. I tell my clients that it is similar to moving from a one-dimensional view to a 3D view of the issue. Together we will arrive at this point through exploration. The treatment involves talking about the different parts that make up the pattern:

  • First, what is happening between you and the other person, i.e., what do you say to each other and how do you behave? We will look at what happens during the peak of the problem.
  • Second, we will explore what is going inside yourself, e.g., your thoughts and feelings. This involves looking within or becoming in touch with how you respond.

Exploring these components will provide a foundation that leads to  expanding your perspective and insight into patterns that make relationships difficult.

Black man standing near counter and crossing arms frustrated. Relationships require communication whether that is with friends, family, coworkers, or partners. Get support with relationship therapy for singles. Dr. Carol is here to be your support in relationship therapy in Torrance, CA and surrounding Areas.

Reasons Client Begin Relationship Therapy for Individuals with Me

  1. A supplement to marriage counseling and couple therapy: A common reason individuals seek out this type of treatment is to augment the work that they are doing in couple therapy. Both the individual and the relationship benefit by gaining greater depth and insight into themselves and their struggle.
  2. Longstanding relationship difficulties: I work with individuals who have had a longstanding difficulty with many of their relationships OR they may have had several failed intimate relationships and want clarity into why that has happened. That is where relationship for singles is helpful!
  3. Only one individual in the partnership wants therapy: Even though the struggle exists within the relationship, only one person agrees to attend therapy. This can be difficult when you think that the other person is the “problem.” Fortunately, participating in individual relationship counseling can help you gain clarity and foster internal growth.
  4. General relational issues: Other common reasons involve familial disagreements. For example:
    • A parent who is struggling with their child.
    • An adult child who disagrees with their parent(s)
    • The adult sibling who is upset with their brother or sister

What is holding your back from relationship therapy in Torrance, CA?

I know it can feel daunting to make the initial call. I often tell people that the first step is to listen to the part of yourself that is hurting and wants to reach out for help. Then, activate yourself. Make a call or send an email. This will initiate a dialogue between you and me. After we make contact, we will decide if we are the right fit for each other. If so, we begin the journey towards healing the part of yourself that is calling out for help.

I often tell my clients that the process of therapy can be described using the analogy of a sailor in a boat:

Woman in pink pastel skirt holding blue and white sail boat in hands. Trusting someone in relationship therapy for singles is a process. I know in order to get to the root, you need to trust your relationship therapist. I am here to help you! When you’re ready, begin relationship therapy in Torrance, CA today!

In this analogy, you and I start out together from the shore. The boat is akin to the therapy room. You are the sailor. The water represents the mind and behavior. I travel alongside you in the boat, working as both an explorer to help you navigate through water and as an anchor to keep you steady when you encounter rough patches or interpersonal challenges. We begin our therapy journey in the shallow end of the water, exploring the surface–we take a look at what comes up for you in your day-to-day life as you deal with relationships.

Then, as trust builds,

We will explore the deeper parts of the water, e.g., the deeper parts of your internal conflict or struggle as it relates to relationships. As we explore there is a shift in the water, from murky to clarity. The goal is to gain a new sense of yourself–who you are and what you want. You are better able to handle life’s challenges and accept your strengths. The clarity you gain during therapy will ultimately help you make good choices, understand others, and build better relationships with those willing to reciprocate.

Finally, it is important to remember that change begins within and then extends outward. You have to be willing to take a look at yourself and your relationships. Inward exploration that leads to clarification creates a foundation for growth and resolve. I hope you will join me in individual relationship counseling so we can begin this self-exploration together!

Begin Relationship Therapy for Individuals in Torrance, California and Surrounding Areas

Relationships are complex. We have ruptures and repairs, miscommunications, and arguments. However, within these issues, there can be a lot of love and understanding when we approach the relationship with the right mindset. If you’re struggling to connect with your partner, family, child, or you’re struggling to maintain a relationship, taking that first step with individual relationship counseling or relationship therapy for singles can help. To get started, contact Dr. Carol Piccirillo, your online relationship therapist in Torrance, CA. Follow these steps and begin your self-exploration soon:

  1. Contact Dr. Carol Piccirillo
  2. Learn more about your online relationship therapist!
  3. Begin connecting and looking within yourself to find the answers for fulfilling relationships soon!

Other Psychotherapy Specialties I offer

We are relational by nature. People need people and it’s important that we connect, feel heard, and make sure we are in healthy and sustainable relationships. If this seems to be right for you, reach out. I also offer additional services for those looking for help in other areas. Other services provided at my practice in Torrance, CA include Therapy for Couples, Individual Therapy, and Therapy for Families.

If you’re looking to get started, my office is close to Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach, CA. Additionally, I also offer online therapy in California for those looking for therapy support from the comfort of their own space. When you’re ready, call now!