Therapy for Families in Torrance, CA, and Surrounding Areas

For as long as there have been families, there have been problems between family members.

More often than not, a family credits the discord in the household to a specific family member and will seek therapy for that individual. Perhaps it’s an adult child that continues to depend on their parents or one that is struggling with anxiety or depression. Maybe the discord has to do with money, stress, or a longstanding conflict.

While Individual Therapy for a family member may feel like the right choice, Family Therapy may be a better option because it addresses problems in the context of the family unit as a whole. We don’t live in isolation, and our emotional triggers don’t occur in isolation.

During family therapy, we strive to uncover the emotions tied to the discord in your family. We untangle the issues so that we can identify what is happening for each family member. We illuminate what family members aren’t saying so that we can lay a foundation of understanding from which we work to build a cohesive family unit.

Each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
– Leo Tolstoy

For better or worse the families we grew up in, the families we choose, or the families chosen for us, shape us all in some way.

My work with families is collaborative. It involves:

  • Recognizing why your family keeps getting into the same fights
  • Learning how to listen with the goal of understanding each other
  • Promoting acceptance of each person’s experience
  • Understanding how emotions are contributing to the conflict
  • Identifying why each family member reacts the way they do
  • Facilitating new solutions and new ways of interacting
  • Gaining a renewed emotional connection

As a therapist, I provide parents, children, and other family members insight into issues contributing to the problem, and we work together for solutions to resolve the conflict. I model respect and acceptance.

If you would like to explore how Family Therapy can help you, contact me for a consultation.  That phone call is your first step toward healing.