Family Therapy

Father and son in conflict sitting on couch. Dealing with family is challenging, and we don‘t always agree. Get support with family therapy in Torrance, CA and begin to communicate better. Or if you’re looking for specific help I offer mother-son therapy, mother-daughter therapy, therapy for siblings, and more.

For as long as there have been families, there have been problems between family members

Every family faces challenges. Typically, challenges are sparked by stress, disrespect, or betrayal. When the challenges become unresolvable, they frequently turn into problems or disagreements. Disagreements lead to conflict and create frustration, worry, and even anger. As a result, some family members wind up feeling a disconnect, perhaps feeling bad and unworthy or unloved. Sometimes, one member of the family might feel alone or isolated. This is because the family sees them as an “outsider,” “not good enough,” or the “black sheep.” These experiences can affect all types of families, such as single-parent families, two-parent families, and blended families. With family therapy, there is hope. Together you can heal the hurt and discord brought on by disagreeing!

Why Family Therapy?

Family therapy in Torrance, CA is a place for all voices to be heard, honored, and understood. The uniqueness of the family shapes the way that the therapy unfolds. For those families where conflict is between two members, therapy begins with both people. For example, I offer mother-son therapy, mother-daughter therapy, therapy for siblings, counseling between fathers and children, and more. For other families where the conflict extends to the entire family, therapy begins with all members. As therapy progresses, we work within the smaller relationships within the family.  This provides an opportunity to sort through conflict that is experienced between two specific family members. For example, subsystems often happen with:

  • A parent and a teen or adult child (e.g., mother and daughter or son; father and son or daughter)
  • Therapy for siblings (who benefit through enhancing connection and communication)
  • A step-parent and teen or adult step-child (which is why I offer therapy for blended families)

For better or worse, the families we grew up in, the families we choose, or the families are chosen for us, shape us all in some way.

Mother and daughter speaking while sitting on couch. Getting the support you need in family therapy in Torrance, CA matters. Try working with a family therapist who understands conflict between loved ones. Dr. Carol offers emotion focused family therapy to get to the root. Call now!

My work with families is collaborative

The first step in family therapy, therapy for blended families, and therapy for siblings is to recognize the components of the discord. We do this by talking about the issue at hand and the reason for the argument:

  • how it starts
  • what happens with each person during the argument
  • and, how the argument ends

The goal of step one is to promote openness towards hearing another family member’s perspective.

The second step is to look at all the components and understand the pattern. Issues typically happen within families because they get caught in a pattern of interacting with one another. Once the pattern is brought to light, the family becomes familiar with their role in the pattern. Together, awareness and familiarity lead to opportunities to stop the pattern. When the pattern is removed, the family experiences de-escalation. That is, calmness instead of chaos.

The third step involves introducing new solutions and new ways of interacting. These solutions find roots in understanding each of the family members and are co-created from within the family. Thus, solutions are crafted depending on the needs of the family.

Goal of Family Therapy in Torrance, CA and Surrounding Areas

The goal of family therapy in Torrance, CA is to resolve the issue that leads to disconnection. We do this by exploring the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of each family member. Exploration leads to the illumination of the pattern or the way the family interacts that keeps them caught in discord. We untangle what is happening for each person so that we can gain clarity and further understand what is happening between the members. This serves as a foundation of understanding from which we will work to build the connection.

Common Reasons People Reach out to me for family therapy

  1. Difficult transition to adulthood. There are times when young people struggle to find their way as they transition into adults. When the struggle persists, conflict might arise between parent(s) and their child. I work with the parent(s) and their adult children when dependency needs have gone beyond young adulthood.
  2. Divorce: Anger and loss are two of the most common emotions family members experience as they go through a divorce. Unintentionally, behaviors link to loss and anger which are acted out between family members. This raises tension and increases disconnection. I work with families that are facing divorce and working hard to maintain connections.
  3. Remarriage: Remarrying can be fertile ground for conflict. Family members struggle with connection and disconnection with one or more family members. Children often worry about alliances and struggle with belonging. Connections are tentative and may bring on the experience of walking on eggshells. I work with step-parents, parents, and their teen or adult children to help them stabilize their relationships. If you believe that therapy for blended families would help as you manage a new family dynamic, then get in touch with me.
Son handing mug to smiling father. When communication comes first families thrive. Why not get support in therapy for siblings, mother-daughter therapy, mother-son therapy, therapy for blended families, or family therapy in Torrance, CA for everyone. Call now and get support from a family therapist soon!

Family therapy and therapy for blended families can help restore connections!

Many people participate in family therapy to help soothe the conflict that contributes to discord and disconnection. Don’t let the fear of reaching out get in the way of healing.  I offer a judgment-free, safe space for families to share their experiences without fear of shame, embarrassment, or blame.  If you are suffering from a family relationship(s), family therapy can help to calm the turmoil, and lead you on a path towards increased understanding and resolve.

Begin Family Therapy in Torrance, California and Surrounding Areas

Families are important to our well-being and development. When we are struggling to stay connected and communicate, often we find ourselves resenting the relationship. When family members do not talk, conflict turns into disconnection, and people remain hurt. Getting to the roots of the issue matters for a healthy and functional family relationship. Whether you have been dealing with issues for years, or are dealing with a new issue, family therapy can help. You will work with Dr. Carol Piccirillo, your family therapist in Torrance, CA. To get started working together, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Dr. Carol Piccirillo
  2. Learn more about your family therapist!
  3. Begin connecting once again or maybe for the first time with your loved ones soon!

Other Psychotherapy Specialties I offer

Family is the cornerstone of the community and it’s important to not let past hurt keep you from connecting with one another. If you’re struggling with hurt, pain, or life transitions, then try family counseling with Dr. Carol Piccirillo. If you’re seeking another service, I provide other services at my practice in Torrance, CA  This includes Therapy for Couples, Individual Therapy, and Anxiety Treatment. Get started today and begin your therapy journey in Torrance, CA. My office is close by Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach, CA. Additionally, I offer online therapy in California. When you and your loved ones are ready, contact me!